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strategic planning workshopStrategic Planning Workshop

From preparation to facilitation and reporting after the workshop - this comprehensive service provides you with everything you need to have a highly effective strategic planning session and create a go-to-market strategic plan that can help your institution achieve its goals in the near and long-term.

Included in this comprehensive service includes:


Preparing for strategic planning sessions is a great deal more complicated and involved than many realize - which is why so many strategic planning sessions turn out to frustrating for so many.  In this phase, attention is spent on the following factors to ensure a successful planning session.

  • Developing the strategic planning session agenda along with goals and objectives
  • Identifying and notifying attendees/participants of their roles and responsibilities
  • Mentoring/coaching attendees/participants to ensure their preparation for the planning session(s)
  • Location selection and meeting planning/arrangement to ensure you have everything you need for a productive, efficient planning session.


With a clear understanding of the desired work products to be generated during the session always in mind, the focus is on guiding participants on a journey of exploration, discussion, debate, prioritization, and action planning.   Additionally, attention is placed on motivating you and your team build consensus on the issues necessary to create focus and alignment.  In the end, you and your team create your strategic action plan with the details addressing who must do what by when so everyone is committed to executing your strategic plan.

After Workshop Deliverables

Shortly after the conclusion of your workshop, you will receive written documentation of the session’s outputs, strategic imperatives, action plans, etc. This document reminds participants of the work they did together and the commitments they’ve made to each other and your organization.

You also receive a video conference debrief on your session, that will touch on plan implementation and suggestions for on-going success.


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