Icons made by Freepik from FlatoiconScenario Planning

No one knows what the future has in store for us - which is why scenario planning is crucial for your institution's success.

Working with your leadership team, we identify plausible alternative futures that might happen under specific circumstances.  Then, we explore mitigation strategies by focusing on key drivers, complex interactions, and uncertainties.  The end result is action plans for how your institution will respond if the scenario were to occur - and that means you are better prepared to respond to significant change quickly and efficiently.

The typical scenario planning session addresses

  • Brainstorm Potential Future Scenarios
  • Identify relevant trends and driving forces that would create each scenario
  • Rank driving forces by importance and uncertainty
  • Select scenario logics and create a scenario matrix
  • Evaluate a Scenario
  • Identify indicators for monitoring
  • Assess the potential impact of each scenario
  • Develop appropriate strategies for each scenario

Available onsite or via teleconference call(s).



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