workshops and retreats

IT Department Workshops and Retreats


Highly-effective Information Technology departments and teams understand the value of taking the time to review, evaluate, and plan so that improvements can be made within the department as well as across the institution.

However, for many, the planning, preparation, execution, and post-event follow-through can be overwhelming.

Our comprehensive Workshop/Retreat Management and Facilitation services make sure your event is highly successful by taking the lead on:

  • Setting goals and objectives for the event
  • Developing the agenda including appropriate activities, exercises, and discussion topics
  • Identifying who should attend and what role they will play in the event
  • Working with attendees to ensure they arrive properly prepared
  • Site selection and Preparation
  • Internal communications with all attendees before, during and after the event
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Post-meeting reporting and follow-up

We record your event, and provide a copy along with the following post-event deliverables include:

  • Listing of prioritized action items and next steps with owners and time frame
  • Personal action plans for each attendee
  • Current and Future Culture State documentation
  • Business Process Analysis outcomes

Post-event support also includes mentorship and project management to ensure all attendees complete their tasks on schedule, and that the successful implementation of your action plan takes place.


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