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There are a sizeable number of colleges and universities planning to open their campuses for the fall term.  Most have talked about their plans for making the campus safe for students, faculty, and staff. But what about off-campus? Are all of the local businesses consistently operating safely, so they are minimizing the risk of COVID-19?

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Whatever you want to call it – no-contact, contactless, or contact-free delivery – you are going to need to make this part of your dining strategy this fall.  And that’s assuming you haven’t already made it part of your plan. What is Contact-Free Delivery Contact-free delivery is leaving the food order at the door, in

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As more institutions announce their plans for the fall, and we see reports of how some student-athletes are testing positive after participating in workouts, I was drawn to Behavior Pledges, Empty Stadiums, and Widespread Testing. One specific statement that jumped out at me came from Timothy P. White, chancellor of the California State University system.

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