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Your IT Department & Your Institution’s Success

Leveraging technology can provide your institution with insights into how to more effectively leverage resources and achieve its mission.  However, this requires a commitment to IT and the IT department that is not fully realized by many institutions.

How IT4CaST™ is Designed to Help You Identify Opportunities

IT4CaST™ is designed to help your institution make more impactful decisions regarding IT.  And IT4CaST™ helps this happen by identifying strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in four crucial areas.  Those areas are budget and governance, security and risk, team culture and leadership, and technology infrastructure.

For example, under IT Budget and Governance, IT4CaST focuses on the IT organization funding and the value delivered by that investment, as well as how the IT organization works with others outside the department.  These insights help determine opportunities for ensuring the necessary funding is made available to deliver the essential value to the organization.

Next, in the Security and Risk section, the focus is on the institution's preparedness in cyber-security and risk, training, and third-party assessment of those actions.  This focus ensures your institution is appropriately prepared to ward off potential attacks that could cripple operations.

Team Culture and Leadership focuses on the responsiveness, quality, and stability of personnel, which helps to identify opportunities for improving the speed and efficiency of IT organizations.  Additionally, cross-organization communication is addressed to ensure a two-way flow of information.  This flow keeps the IT department on top of internal and external factors impacting the organization so they can modify processes and strategies as appropriate.

Lastly, Technology Infrastructure focuses on performance and preparedness for future growth and changing demands.

A Starting Point for Fruitful Dialogue

Based on your responses to the 20-statements, our working session focuses on identifying opportunities for improvement and developing an action plan for taking the necessary steps to turn those opportunities into a successful reality.  The result is a more effective IT department that plays a more proactive role in the success of the institution.

Is Your IT Department On A Strategic Growth Path?

Check out this brief 20 question survey, a subset of the IT4CaST™ analysis for answers.

Closing Thoughts

Technology is viewed by many as ‘expensive' – but in reality, information technology is an investment.  And that investment helps your organization differentiate itself in the market, operate more efficiently and effectively in times of rapid change.

Many of you are aware of the value IT can bring to student recruitment and retention, classroom and online learning, and departmental operations.  And you understand that searching for ways to improve IT performance should be a priority.

However, for many people, IT isn't a topic that they feel comfortable with, and that lack of comfort can lead to 'conversation avoidance.'  But with IT4CaST™, you open the door to effective communication that leads to improvements that can dramatically impact your institution for the better.

To access IT4CaST™, click here.  And please share this link with your CIO so they can also provide perspective and value to the working session and outcomes.

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