Welcome to innov8edu!

Welcome to innov8edu, dedicated to observations and commentary about business model innovation in higher education.

First, what you won’t find here: a warmed-over rehash of the latest developments in learning management systems, technology applications, deep dives into big data to improve enrollment management, fundraising secrets, and success stories, or how institutions are discovering new ways to wring out more net tuition revenue in their existing business models.  Why not?  You can get that on a daily basis from the usual suspects … The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education, University Business, among others … and they do a great job of reporting on the latest news on institutions operating within the current business model.  By all means, subscribe and read them regularly.

This blog is intended to encourage and nurture discussion about changing the current business model, one that has been in place with little fundamental change for more than a century.  How many times have we seen a cry for change, when most of what we see as a result is nibbling around the edges of the current model of higher education?  Here is where I hope to take a serious look at the business model innovators, entrepreneurs, the slayers of sacred cows, perhaps even a few heretics, give them a stage and let their provocative ideas see the light of day.

My goal? Merely to keep an important conversation going and watch as someone figures out how to move a fragile industry on the verge of disruption into “blue ocean.”

I hope you’ll join the journey and contribute to the conversation!

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